Airliners are designed for both business use and large group travel. They are massive in size and can conveniently accommodate 28 to 120 passengers and can carry heavy loads of cargo for your private flight charters. Uses for heavy jets include intercontinental travel, sports team travel, group travel, and luxury business travel. Airliners we offer include the Boeing 737 BBJ, ACJ-319, ERJ 145, CRJ-200, CRJ-700, Dornier 328 Jet, and Boeing 727 VIP.

Boeing 727


Boeing's 727 VIP was one of the first corporate configured airliners on the market. Still a classic and perfect for corporate jet charters.

Boeing 737 BBJ


The BBJ 737 holds a 737 commercial airframe that is configured for corporate seating.

777 VIP


It takes 3 years to complete the cabin of a 777 VIP.

ACJ 319


The ACJ-319 is the first of the Airbus corporate jet line. It is the original private jet charter from Airbus.

CRJ 200


The CRJ-200 is an airliner based on the Challenger business jet perfect for private flight charters.

CRJ 700


The CRJ-700 is a larger aircraft that is based on the previous CRJ-100 and CRJ-200 models. Perfect for private group charters.



The CRJ-900 flies around 60 million passengers per year.

Dornier 328


The Perfect Charter Aircraft for larger groups. Dornier's 328 features a high-positioned wing which allows greater cabin width for the passengers.



The EMB-145 is one of the most popular regional airliners on the market.

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