Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets are the favorite in the charter world. Heavy jets often boast a very impressive range and can fly up to 14 hours without stopping. With seating for up to 18 and the capability to sleep up to 10, heavy jets are often the choice for intercontinental travel. Want to impress friends? This is what you need. Featured heavy jets include the Falcon 900, Legacy 600, GIII, GIV/SP, G450, Challenger 601, Challenger 604 and Challenger 650.

Challenger 601

Heavy Jet

Bombardier purchased the name Learstar 600 from Bill Lear.

Challenger 604

Heavy Jet

The Challenger 604 is a severely upgraded version from a Challenger 601.

Challenger 650

Heavy Jet

The Challenger 650 is an upgraded 605 with "Vision" flight deck system and custom interior.

Challenger 850

Heavy Jet

The Challenger 850 is based on the CRJ 200 Regional Jet.

Falcon 2000

Heavy Jet

The Falcon 2000 is a smaller variant of the Falcon 900 with 2 engines instead of 3.

Falcon 900

Heavy Jet

The Falcon 900 is a development of the Falcon 50 with composite materials.

Gulfstream G-350

Heavy Jet

The G350 is a reduced fuel capacity version of a G450.

Gulfstream G450

Heavy Jet

The G-450 is based on the GIV with improved interior choices and performance.

Gulfstream G-III

Heavy Jet

The G-III is based on the G-II with 6 ft. more of wingspan and added winglets.

Gulfstream G-V

Heavy Jet

The GV is used by the US Military for VIP transport.

Gulfstream G-IVSP

Heavy Jet

The GIV was the first business jet to have an entire glass cockpit.

Legacy 600

Heavy Jet

The Legacy 600 is the VIP version of the ERJ-135.

Lineage 1000

Heavy Jet

This corporate jet was based on the regional airliner, the Embraer 190.

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