Turbo Prop Airliners

Turbo Prop Airliners are a popular aircraft for many different reasons. Turbo Prop Airliners are popular for everything from company board meetings to group hunting trips. Turbo Prop Airliners are used for hard to reach areas, often with short runways. Turbo Prop Airliners include the SAAB 2000, EMB-120, Fairchild Metroliner, and the popular Beechcraft 1900 Execuliner.


Turbo Prop Airliner

The Saab 340 was built in partnership with Fairchild and Saab Aircraft.

Beech 1900D

Turbo Prop Airliner

The Beech 1900 is the best selling 19 passenger airliner in history.

EMB-120 Brasalia

Turbo Prop Airliner

The EMB 120 was developed from the EMB 110, Embraer's 1st transport aircraft.

Jetstream 32

Turbo Prop Airliner

The Jetstream 32 was flown for 800 MI unmanned and is the first of its kind to do so in 2008.

Jetstream 41

Turbo Prop Airliner

The Jetstream 41 is a Jetstream 32 stretched by 16 ft.

SAAB 2000

Turbo Prop Airliner

The Saab 2000 is a stretched version of the Saab 340.

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